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Pope John Paul II has been cleared to be canonized
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Ethiomonarchist Europe 2,149 39
by jovan66102
Attempted Poisoning of Patriarch Ilia of Georgia??? Ethiomonarchist Off-topic Serious 103 3
by Ethiomonarchist
Ethiopian imperial and court titles KebraNagastParty Asia and Africa 62 0
by KebraNagastParty
Queen Mother of Tonga passes way TuiMangareva Asia and Africa 54 0
by TuiMangareva
HRH the Infanta Cristina indicted jovan66102 Europe 1,457 9
by Ethiomonarchist
Kigeli V's remains returned to his Kingdom and a successor proclaimed as Yuhi VI Ethiomonarchist Asia and Africa 307 10
by Ethiomonarchist
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
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Peter British Isles and the Commonwealth 12,370 77
by jovan66102
North Korean leader's brother Kim Jong-nam killed at Malaysia airport jovan66102 Off-topic Serious 46 2
by Queenslander
Buckingham Palace offers £30,000 to manage The Queen’s Twitter account jovan66102 British Isles and the Commonwealth 54 2
by jovan66102
LDP to support one-off legislation for Emperor’s abdication jovan66102 Asia and Africa 57 0
by jovan66102
King Philippe jovan66102 Europe 92 0
by jovan66102
Brazil gianni Americas 1,275 10
by thmPedro
Another interesting video! jovan66102 Europe 136 1
by Admiral_Horthy
Changes Coming in the Running of the Scottish Crown Estate Ethiomonarchist British Isles and the Commonwealth 217 5
by jovan66102
New Queen of Rwanda Proclaimed Ethiomonarchist Asia and Africa 179 4
by Ethiomonarchist
Australian commentator Andrew Bolt receives death threats
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DavidV Off-topic Serious 725 69
by DavidV
What's the real reason some commonwealth countries have a blue flag, while others have a red flag? nocturnalmonarchist British Isles and the Commonwealth 81 0
by nocturnalmonarchist
Anglican Bishops begin to "Cross the Tiber" and join the Church of Rome
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Ethiomonarchist Off-topic Serious 7,805 136
by Ethiomonarchist
Australia Day under attack DavidV British Isles and the Commonwealth 58 0
by DavidV
The King of Jordan visits Russia Ethiomonarchist Asia and Africa 79 0
by Ethiomonarchist
Ukraine in it's eagerness to defy Russia is angering Poland Ethiomonarchist Off-topic Serious 104 7
by Ethiomonarchist
The decision by the Russian government to return St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg to the Orthodox Church is causing protest Ethiomonarchist Off-topic Serious 50 0
by Ethiomonarchist
‘Raja aao, desh bachao’ [Come, King, save the Country] campaign begins to bring back monarchy BenAstrea Asia and Africa 93 0
by BenAstrea
May: Britain to leave the Single Market Wessexman Off-topic Serious 130 7
by Ethiomonarchist
Crown Princess of Norway ask the Press to Leave Her Son Alone Ethiomonarchist Europe 168 7
by Peter